Tuesday, May 13, 2014

004. swim, swim, swimmm

hi :)
it's been a few days

with the summer heat in Thailand, everybody I know is begging to go for a swim
and that's the perks of living in a tropical country, the beach is just always ready for swim
(except monsoon season but we're gonna pretend it doesn't exist...)

มาดูกันดีกว่า ว่าวันนี้จะลงน้ำลุคไหนดี :)

1. Ariel.

Well, with the heat, I'd rather live under the sea, really.
no joke.

2. Swag Twin

Call up your best girl or sister and sport this yin-yang, twinsie, dope, swag, wannabe look 
I mean, it's not much, but sure does seem fun in a hotel pool.

3. I Don't Have A Name For This Yellow...

I really don't. It just seems appropriate to wear yellow in the summer.
and PINEAPPLES, for god's sake, so tropical, so chic.
it's weird how a fruit (very mundane fruit here in Thailand) seem to have more swag than you..

4. All Out Unicorn

By Unicorn i mean hair.
Hair and pastel.
maybe save the galaxy look for the next season (or the past..)
but pastel-unicorn seems like a good idea this summer.

There are two summer looks that I've never fail to fall back in love with, every single year,
which is the Lolita look and the Sailor/Marine look.
But you see none of that above, why?
Cuz they need an entry of their own, if i feel like it, of course.

Well, summer is here.
Maybe I've been hypnotized into thinking it's the season that changes lives.
Maybe it really is, who knows.
But things are going to change, this summer.

For me, I won't be the same.

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