Tuesday, May 20, 2014

005. Mean Girls at Glam BKK

it's my girl Yuki's birthday bash last Sunday at Glam BKK
yep, the new shisha place everyone's talking about

tightly packed, nice vibe, nice music
i slightly question the reason why we all choose to hang out and chitchat
at a noisy upbeat place where we have to raise our voice all the time,
but fun just doesn't have to make sense.

Glam Bkk:
- location: Thonglor 10, Opus Building (same place with our beloved Bombay Blues)

- food: we were really hungry (or at least I am...) so despite the teeny tiny table,
we got Calamari,
French fries (comes with 4 dips including my favorite wasabi mayo *died*)
Fried Cheese Wonton (died again.)
and Angel hair Oglio Pasta
food is AMAZING.

- shisha: we tried the strawberry thingii, which is sweet and great as expected

I didn't really plan to write a chill-out review so I wasn't too keen on the details
but the Jelly Bear cocktail drink is great.

So we got a little Mean-Girl-ish cuz i brought my leather clutch which says "You Can't Sit With Us"
favorite quote ever.

Bought KitKat M&M's Cake and two Rainbow cakes for our dearest Unicorn Pony Koala Izzy.
Along with a MLP Storybook, Collecter's Edition of Edgar Allan Poe's, and Catch 22.


Reasons Why "You Can't Sit With Us"

1. The table is really tiny
2. We are awkward and weird
3. We speak in 6 year old girl language: conversations will revolve around ponies, unicorns, puppies, and rainbow glitter
4. You have to like to get drunk
5. Well, no reasons in particular, you can actually sit with us if you want to
6. It's not like we're gonna beat you up or anything..



I have trouble figuring out what to wear
But I've got this metallic silver pleated skirt that goes a bit longer than the knees
I've been wanting to wear it for ages, and finally!
Paired it up with angel sleeveless shirt,
does not know if heels should be worn, so goes with grey Bloch ballet flats.
I did not take a full photo of myself, which is a shame.

The night ended at 4am at next door's Demo and Funky Villa.
It was a euphoric and blurry mess, feels a lot like love. 
I guess it is love, after all.

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